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Understanding and treatment of the pandemic


reflect the spiritual vacuum of our society



July 2020



Thierry Vissac




Part 1

Our very fragmented vision of life has already played many tricks on us. In ecology, interdependence has revealed itself to us, we now know that our actions alter the environment and that the latter returns it to us in the form of climatic imbalances. However, the prospect of death is probably not convincing enough in relation to climate disorder, because the measures taken in this regard are far from sufficient. The virus that is constantly being talked about in 2020 was suddenly considered a more serious threat, and the panic maintained by the media and then the authorities (in that order) has changed our way of life all over the world.

There are two visible aspects to this panic: the ignorance that presided over the attempt to manage the virus and the submission of populations to the measures taken in this same ignorance.

Why am I talking about ignorance? Because there is a fundamental reality that no one seems to want to talk about: viruses "do what they want". They are not stopped by masks, or by confinement, or by regulations solemnly enacted on television sets. Life is not divisible. A virus cannot be described as a material element that is so distinct from everything else and from which one could protect oneself by physically cutting oneself off from it. Quantum physics teaches us that everything is deeply connected on a less visible level. We don't really "catch" a virus because we've been too close to it or to a person who harboured it. If that were the case, everyone would be infected in the same situation. But that's not the case, because there are so many other parameters that come into play.

The most crucial one being that the virus is a living thing whose paths are partly foreign and unknown to us. Using medical and scientific authority, as we have done, to assert false truths or flawed theories is manipulation.

Under these conditions, how can one seriously apply standard measures so massively to the whole planet? It is conceivable that some form of emergency has led the authorities to take unclear decisions for want of anything better, but the psychosis thus generated and the panicky violence of the advocates of these measures are symptoms of a deeper problem.

I am not saying that, on another level, the mask and the "social distancing" do not contain some relative truth, but when they are related to reality, all the absurdity of these choices is obvious. The mask seems to say that if you block your mouth and the tip of your nose, the virus will not get through, just as a customs officer blocks a border. Even if we imagine that the implicit theory of this choice correctly describes reality (the virus passes through the mouth and nose only, and not through the tear fluid and the eyes for example), the way most people wear the mask totally cancels out its effect. Indeed, it is not humanly possible to wear a mask without touching it with the hands, without scratching one's nose, touching one's mouth at some point. It is enough to do it once, for a few seconds, to make a day of wearing the mask useless. We know it, everyone knows it, but we continue to be led to believe that this additional nuisance of wearing a mask is the fallback. Not to mention the fact that even a quick trip to the supermarket (for example) puts us face to face with the constant intense groping of products, fruits and vegetables, by hundreds of hands, which makes, once again, the mask barrier, to say the least, insufficient or even absurd. And I am only talking about the most material form of virus movement, whereas I have just pointed out that the virus has less obvious modes of transfer that are still largely unknown to us.

In other words, we do not accept that we are not the masters of the intelligence of the living, and our fight against this virus ("a war" said the great leader) is a demonstration of our arrogance and misguided (and life rotting) efforts to "face" something that we cannot control. The ridicule of the measures could make you smile in a preview movie. Here, it only highlights a little more the damage of ignorance instrumentalized by power.

Why talk about the submission of the population?

Survival has replaced life on the bases I have just summarized. Life has always contained an element of risk. It is healthy and natural not to list all possible risks on a daily basis, otherwise we would always be caught up in extreme protective measures and constantly tormented. Our existence unfolds with its own intelligence through risks, by itself, without having to think about them. Selecting one risk among others, isolating it and presenting it as more dangerous than others is a choice, not an objective reality (in 1968, influenza killed more people in France than the coronavirus in 2020 and nobody was talking about it at the time, people continued to live... and eventually die, according to the usual natural rhythms). We are going to die, one day, perhaps through a virus, or something else, but we cannot advise everyone to be wary of all possible causes of death. Yet that is what has happened. And millions of people, subjected to the virus of fear, without the slightest hint of hindsight, are crowding the streets of the world trying to avoid their fellow human beings and not "catching the virus", cutting us off from each other a little more, in a legal and official paranoia.

I am therefore talking about submission in a country, to take just the example of France, which is known for its chronic and atavistic rebellion against authority and change. This puts into perspective the courage of this population, which clams up at the slightest sneeze from its neighbours.

It is sad to come across people every day with dark eyes, their faces half covered, like hordes of frightened souls, ready to attack you if you are not as afraid as they are, and to realize that it is these delirious, irrational measures that have, in the space of a few weeks, transformed our world in this way.

This appalling spectacle will not last.

The spiritual emptiness that prevails in the management of our societies is the cause of this situation. We will not improve our existence and our relationship with the living on such a basis. The only teaching already visible from this chaos is this: as a so-called dominant species, we have understood nothing, and those who understand even less are at the head of our country and impose measures that are binding on all the others, in denial of the amazing dynamics of the living.

Restoring a more holistic view of our life on Earth is a priority. The task is enormous, because single-mindedness is monolithic to this day. The masquerade will continue for some time to come, but nothing prevents us, in our deepest nature, from not being subjected to ignorance... and from living.

I only see the emergence of the soul in the midst of chaos to bring some light into this toxic atmosphere that has already disgusted so many people to live in societies that add to the daily injustice an extra dose of stupidity and fear.

What if we learned to live with dignity, with our faces uncovered, and to die with dignity, with a deep respect for natural cycles?

    Part 2

We all have challenges in our life paths. Wherever possible, we could commit ourselves to avoid adding to them through our actions and to support each other in this process we are going through together.

A virus can be a challenge. The attempt to manage it has been a serious complication, a consequence of the choices made by the media and the authorities. The media have chosen terrorism for the headlines, as always, and the authorities have given this terrorism consistency with the absurd measures that we have all suffered.

Could we do otherwise?

Of course we could.

Let us go back to the basics: there are tens of thousands of viruses everywhere, all the time. There are bacteria, influenza, flu epidemics, diseases that we do not know how to cure. That's the way life is. 157,000 people die every day on earth from something, from a push of life, in one way or another, to get us out of this world. We have to integrate and accept these realities. However, they are only part of reality, the tip of the iceberg. We can make the fatalistic choice of a wise materialist: "That's the way it is, let's accept our sad fate". This would already save us from a good part of the unspeakable "information" that has been dumped on everyone for months, justified by the "war against the virus". End of the war, acceptance of our human condition, at the very least. And above all, to live with open arms, with our face uncovered, in a relationship without "distancing" ourselves from the other, in communion with the living in all its forms. In 1968, it happened like that, spontaneously, and even if there were deaths in a quantity equivalent to our episode of 2020, the rest of the world (billions of people, all the same) continued to live without appropriating a false struggle lost in advance and which would have spoiled their daily lives. In 2020, everyone was undead.

But I would like to take the reflection a little further.

We are not here just to survive. We are not here to be confined in our reinforced concrete houses at a "social distance" from our human sisters and brothers who have suddenly become threats to our survival. Living is a risk to the social figure. The risk is constant, its decay, its humiliation, his death are omnipresent prospects. Yet the soul wants to live. It wants to take the risk of life, to dive into the deep without fear of drowning, to meet the other and to be consumed with love in that contact. Every other existence is a waste of time, a waste of this open and fearless life impulse. I am not saying that fear cannot arise in the thoughts of the social character, but the soul does not take it into account.

Who wants to force himself never to cross a road just because he might be run over by a car? What government, what individual, would be willing to condone such nonsense? We live, across the roads, on the roads, on our life paths, in every direction, without worrying about when we will leave, and how we will leave. That's what being alive is all about. And if we encounter strong fears along the way, we learn how to cross them, because we have better things to do than to lock ourselves up to avoid catching a virus that might be there in the air. Millions of people have agreed to protect themselves, to wear masks that block their natural breathing, to keep their distance from the people they pass, even though the virus was probably never present in their environment! Let's take a step back and observe this undeniable fact: people protected themselves from something that did not exist around them! "You never know! "But what vision of life does it take to get there?

We are not on Earth in a protected space. We go through all the risks for the good reason that our destinies are what they are and that through the same dangers, different people will experience different realities. What matters is the path of life. What do we do with what is given to us? Dignity is in this way of dealing with the turbulent events of life. Walking masked up to the eyes, rubbing hands with hydro-alcoholic gel every 100m, as I have seen it done, is not life. It is not even a life to be "saved at all costs". It is a denial of the soul, an escape from the spiritual reality of our existence. And it is this model of life that the authorities of all countries impose on us?

We lack an education for life that is not so limited to survival and immediate profit ("we might as well enjoy it while we can!"). We seriously miss the spiritual perspective of the soul and its life path. There is still time to wake up!

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